Advisory Board

Lee C. Bollinger
President and Professor of Law
Columbia University

Vincent A. Blasi
Corliss Lamont Professor of Civil Liberties
Columbia University School of Law

William E. Bolcom
Professor of Composition Emeritus 
 School of Music, Theatre and Dance
University of Michigan

Vartan Gregorian
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Jeffrey S. Lehman
New York University Shanghai

Catharine A. MacKinnon
Elizabeth A. Long Professor of Law
University of Michigan

Robert M. O'Neil
University Professor and Professor of Law Emeritus 
Director, Thomas Jefferson Center for the
Protection of Free Expression
University of Virginia

Eugene L. Roberts, Jr.
Professor of Journalism
University of Maryland - College Park

Nadine Strossen
Professor of Law 
New York Law School


Board of Directors

Juan R. Cole

Louis G. D'Alecy

Peggie J. Hollingsworth, President

Kimberlee J. Kearfott

Gary D. Krenz

Thomas E. Moore, Secretary

E. Ian Robinson

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